For Children & Youth:

Who are you, really? Discovering your unique gifts!

Etiquette & Manners

Table manners

Bullying & Cyber-bullying

Street Law for Youth

Please & Thank You

Media Literacy

Other Possible Program Topics Include:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Friendship
  • Integrity
  • Tolerance
  • Unity
  • Humanity
  • Mindfulness . . . and more!!!



Cultivate Virtue in your self, and Virtue will be real.

Cultivate Virtue in your family, and Virtue will flourish.Cultivate Virtue in the village, and Virtue will spread.Cultivate Virtue in the nation, and Virtue will be abundant.Cultivate Virtue in the world, and Virtue will triumph everywhere.

-Lao Tsu

Community Character Consulting