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Community Character Consulting





The Community Character Program for Prisons is based on the internationally proven strategies of The Virtues Project, Nonviolent Communication and The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. The twelve (12) week program includes:

1. Introduction to the program, presenters, participants.
Interactive team-building activity.
Examining the power of words from the research.

2. "Who are you, really?" - Discovering our innate gifts, understanding our challenges. Values vs. Virtues. Activity: Virtues Pick.

3. Effective Communication: Non-Verbal Communication. Habits that Break Conscience - How labels and shame create placators, people-pleasers, manipulators and rebels.

4. Habits that Break Conscience, continued. Judging, Name-calling Compassionate Communication based on Nonviolence.

5. Habits that Break Conscience, continued. Sarcasm, Teasing, Over-protecting, Ignoring Efforts to Improve, Failing to Provide Consequences. Interactive Activity: Shaming to Naming Virtues.

6. Developing Critical Thinking Skills & Understanding the Media's Influence.
Recognizing Teachable Moments: Cultivating Balance in Challenging Moments.

7. Review - Media & Critical Thinking. Research on happiness.
Identifying our personal teachable moments.

8. Discussing ownership & respect. How respect is shown in words and deeds for ourselves, others, things and the planet. Brainstorm Authority.

9. Setting Clear Boundaries. Interactive Activity: Boundaries Exercise. Retributive Justice vs. Restorative Justice. Understanding our leadership style and learning to discipline with dignity.

10. Interactive Activity: Setting Clear Boundaries. Honoring the Spirit: Finding ways to unwind and de-stress. Thinking about the role of Service in our journey.

11. Practice the Art of Companioning: Learning to listen in order to promote understanding. Using open-ended questions to help a person in distress to find their own truth. "Don't get Furious. Get Curious!"

12. Personal Values Evaluation.
Class Evaluation.
Certificates of Participation & Celebration.

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