"Thank you for being so helpful and having patience for us. This class helped me so much" - Rahim D.

"This was a good experience and I'm looking forward to becoming a better person from the things I've learned." Niguel F.

"I had a goal to work on my forbearance at the beginning of this class. I have that virtue today and many more!" Rob L.


"I learned a new way of looking at situations and hope to use the strategies to deal with those I come in contact with everyday. The training was a real eye-opener. I wish that I had taken this course years ago" - Hetty G.

"I learned to focus on the virtues instead of behavior. I feel hopeful that I will be able to use these strategies in my classroom with the "difficult" children. It gave me interesting ideas to try in all areas on my life" - Shannon G.

"I learned good phrases to use in communication and feel more confident as a communicator. I also feel strengthened from this series and better able to handle situations at work and at home." - Christine A.


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